July 14, 2023 · Andrew Belyaev

Hi! I’m Andrew, or @abel1502, as you might know me. I’ll start by pointing out that I’m neither a good writer nor a front-end dev. I’m currently a 4th year student at MIPT, studying computer science. I’ve recently taken up creating the Bondrewd programming language, to which this site is dedicated. I’ve already covered a lot of the concepts behind it in the docs, so I won’t be repeating myself much in this post. In this blog, I intend to share some of my more experimental ideas before I’m willing to commit them to the docs, as well as describe the established concepts in more detail.

It is important to note that Bondrewd is still in its infancy, with only the parser (or rather, a custom parser generator and a grammar definition for it) and the AST being implemented so far. I’m currently mostly occupied with figuring out the particularities of the language’s design, in order to ensure perfection for the core part as early as possible. I have, in fact, accumulated a lot of ideas besides the ones already documented, and I will likely share them in this blog at some point.

This site is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. The design is my own, so I’m open to any suggestions on how to improve it.